Searching the Light on Bahrain National Day

A few days preceding the National Day,  the roads around Riffa, the highway and the airport are lit up in red and white lights.  We  have all seen pictures of revelers and families heading in throngs to Riffa Palace each year on National Day. It is a treat to watch, but be prepared for bumper to bumper traffic and delays.

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Litter from last nights beach party at Siam Hut

A Not So Lonely Weekend at Lonely Beach

A five hour drive from Bangkok lies Koh Chang or Elephant isle. Yes you can fly to Trat airport and take a bus which will save you a couple of hours. But for the unplanned, the mini bus ride works out well. There are plenty of stops along the way where you can get food, drink and stretch your legs.

I was looking for a place far away from the madness and the usual commercialism that is rampant in most of the other Thai Islands. The destination was Lonely Beach, on the south west of the island. Let me take you for a little tour around this stretch of land. You will find most of the commentary within the pictures.

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