A Band of Brothers

Narrow Alleys & Timeless Food

Downtown Manama is a labyrinth of narrow alleys, these dated structures house people on the higher floors and have a variety of shops below. Last Friday some of our Internations photo walkers gathered to give this area a try. Ater parking at the Awal theater, one of the oldest cinema’s in Bahrain we started our journey into these dim streets. The theme for the walk was comic billboards and signs and shapes in the sky.

After a good hour on the street we visited an iconic Indian Udupi restaurant for snacks. For many westerners, the flavors and colors of the pure vegetarian food a revelation. It was dark and the Indian Club opposite was playing host to Onam celebrations with great fanfare. Lots of lighting, balloons and a band to welcome the chief guest the Indian Ambassador to Bahrain. Deciding not to gate crash into the function, we continued our walk making our last stop at Tariq Pastries for some freshly made Baklava. The kilo of sweets we ordered vanished while we enjoyed the brief respite in their air-conditioned premises before heading out into the humid night.

Bryggen at Bergen

Missing in Action

Not a single post in July, that is how draining planning for a trip can be. My first to Scandinavia and to be honest it was very worth making all those plans and notes. The trip went very well as future pictorials will demonstrate. Its almost 10 days since I got back, settling back into my work life and loading images from the three camera’s used into picture boards. Here are some of the instagram images, which I am reposting again.

Graslei from St Michielsplein

Medieval Riches – A Quick Stop at Ghent

You can wipe out an entire generation, you can burn their homes to the ground and somehow they’ll still find their way back. But if you destroy their history, you destroy their achievements and it’s as if they never existed. That’s what Hitler wants and that’s exactly what we are fighting for”. Words of Frank Stokes played by our favorite bachelor George Clooney, in his recent release, The Monuments Men. Continue reading

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