Delhi 6 – Narrow Alleys, Timeless Food

You must have seen the movie, now time for a walk through this maze of narrow alleys at the heart of Old Delhi.

Blown in 60 Seconds – Dushera in Delhi

What did I enjoy more as a child,  Dushera, Diwali or both. They are equally special, in one the elders blow up something really big and in the other the youngsters get to blow smaller devices of joy. A bit of story to illustrate the reason for this festival, this is the day when god Ram defeats Ravana. Good prevails over evil, and we get loads of sweets to eat ..  how wonderful.

Dushera is celebrated in a multitude of ways, in the north of the country, effigies of the trio Ravan, Kumbhakarna, and Meghnath are set up in large open grounds. Some of them can be 5 or 6 storey’s high and packed with crackers and explosives. As the sun sets, they are lit up ritually in order of their respective age.  Come and join me on my first Dushera after many many years.

Another Random Crossing – Strangers Across The Tracks

If you ever want to explore and see the real India, you have to travel by rail. If you want to spot people in leisure the slower passenger trains are preferable, they stop at places where you would normally would not venture. Travelling through the single line passage to the northeast, these passenger trains get halted numerous times for faster express trains like the one I was travelling to cross over. These pictures are of one such random crossing in the state of Bihar.

Caught in the Act – Contemporary Dance at Nuit Blanche

This week is National Day, and like every year I am very excited about it. The two days holiday is a boon, but what is even better are the activities that go with it. The eve of National Day, Monday night was rather unusual, I didn’t sleep the night, why ?

Ministry of Culture had organised a special event, Manama Doesn’t Sleep or Nuit Blanche. It commenced at 7pm at the National Museum, comprising of multiple cultural events across town and ended a good 12 hours later at the same venue.

The third act of the evening was the Yann Lheureux dance troupe from France who performed at Culture Hall. Hope I am able to recreate the mood and experience through my pictures.

Journey to the Roof of the World – Yumthang in Autumn

Autumn is the perfect time to visit the high altitude valley of Yumthang, in North Sikkim. A day and half’s ride from the capital Gangtok brings you to this biological hot spot, famous for its flower blooms in spring. As they say the journey is some times more memorable than the destination, so here are some pictures of our drive to Yumthang.

The world through my viewfinder

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