Delhi 6 – Narrow Alleys, Timeless Food

You must have seen the movie, now time for a walk through this maze of narrow alleys at the heart of Old Delhi.

Journey to the Roof of the World – Yumthang in Autumn

Autumn is the perfect time to visit the high altitude valley of Yumthang, in North Sikkim. A day and half’s ride from the capital Gangtok brings you to this biological hot spot, famous for its flower blooms in spring. As they say the journey is some times more memorable than the destination, so here are some pictures of our drive to Yumthang.

Life is on Track – Images of the Railways in Black & White

The idea of doing two holidays back to back has taken its toll, have loaded all the pictures there is still a lot of editing, revisiting the travel notes before the story boards take shape. Till then, let me share with you some of the posts from my instagram feed. Today’s post is about the great Indian railways. Taken during my recent holidays, miles apart in different corners of India. Life on the train, on the stations and around captured by phone and presented here in black & white.

Hope you enjoy it ..

Post Cards from Siem Reap

Tit Bits from Jodhpur

Jodhpur has always been one of my favorite destinations in Rajasthan. I have faint recollections of its grandeur from my childhood, but my latest trip was an eye opener. If you are travelling from tourist bus into a world heritage site and back on it to your hotel, it will be a charming experience. But for me who finds the essence in the streets and dark corners, it was a painful yet fruitful journey.

At times it felt the entire civil maintenance had broken down, garbage was pile high with minimal traffic or crowd control. The blue city walls has grown and stretched, welcoming new displaced from near and far. Guess, this is the price we have to pay to keep the wheels of life running. Here are a few pictures from my last visit.

The world through my viewfinder

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