Searching the Light on Bahrain National Day

A few days preceding the National Day,  the roads around Riffa, the highway and the airport are lit up in red and white lights.  We  have all seen pictures of revelers and families heading in throngs to Riffa Palace each year on National Day. It is a treat to watch, but be prepared for bumper to bumper traffic and delays.

National Day falls each year on the 16th and 17th of December and the lights are up a few days earlier and kept on through Christmas and into the new year. I personally keep my photo date for the last week of December. It is quiet, with much fewer people. and you can spend quality time walking around and get the pictures you want. I would recommend taking a right from the Clock Tower, if you are coming from the highway and take a U-turn at the first round about. There is a bus stop to the right where you can park safely and walk the 200 metres to the tower. Spare an hour or so plus driving time to cover the stretch at a relaxed pace. Hope you enjoy the pics !


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